Longtime Flushing Resident Sandra Ung Announces Candidacy for the 20th City Council District

Flushing, NY—Today, longtime Flushing resident Sandra Ung released a video declaring her candidacy for the 20th Council District. Sandra is the first person to announce their candidacy for this district. She will seek to become the First Asian-American woman to represent Flushing in the City Council.

Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZXk18LXJag

“I am excited today to announce my candidacy for the New York City Council. I want to spend the next year talking with my neighbors, hearing their concerns and creating a campaign that is responsive to the needs of this community,” said Sandra Ung. “Our district needs better services for our diverse seniors, and our small businesses need direct assistance as they prepare to re-open. I will work specifically to assist the silent survivors of domestic violence- an issue that has spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. I became an attorney and have worked in government to serve this community, and I vow to advocate for all in the City Council”.

Over the last 15 years Ms. Ung has served the Flushing community with distinction. After graduating with a law degree from Columbia University, Sandra worked with Sanctuary for Families, a non profit that provides free services to those facing domestic violence. Sandra has worked as a staff member in the NYS Assembly, and has served in the office of multiple New York City Comptrollers’. For the last eight years, Sandra has been a vital piece of the constituent service and community outreach operation at the office of Congresswoman Grace Meng.

Last month Sandra was re-elected as a State Committeewoman for Flushing. As a State Committeewoman Sandra has provided free legal assistance, mammograms at no cost, and has delivered food to scores of home-bound seniors. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Sandra has given food to our first responders who are working long hours on the front lines- our doctors, nurses, EMTs, police and firefighters.

Sandra grew up in Flushing, attended PS 22, JHS 189, Flushing High School, and graduated from CUNY Hunter and then received her JD from Columbia University. She lives next door to her parents, who she helps take care of. Providing the same educational opportunities she had and taking care of our elderly aren’t just campaign issues for Sandra, they are her reality.

At the end of 2021, Councilman Peter Koo will leave the seat, as term limits prevent him from running for re-election. Councilman Koo has been a stalwart leader in our community, and Sandra knows that in these difficult times the most important thing is to elect those with experience who know how government works. This is no time for on the job training.

To learn more about Sandra’s campaign or to donate visit: http://www.SandraForNewYork.com


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