At Least 8 Dead After Truck Driver Mows Down Pedestrians in Lower Manhattan: Sources

A box truck driver mowed down multiple people on a street in lower Manhattan, and at least 8 of them are dead, a senior New York City official tells NBC News.

According to NBC, sources initially said they were responding to a report of at least five people shot near West and Chambers streets in Tribeca, but officials say their investigation now shows the injuries may have come from the truck crash.

Police sources tell News 4 that a box truck driver was traveling the wrong way down a bicycle path, injuring several people. The box truck then collided with a Home Depot rental truck, and the box truck driver got out with what now appears to be a fake firearm. He was then shot by police. He’s in custody.

A large number of police vehicles could be seen near West Street and Chambers Street in Tribeca, which is near a community college, Stuyvesant High School, and a few blocks north of the National Sept. 11 Memorial.

Witnesses in the area tweeted that they’d heard gunshots. Police activity has shut down the area.

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