Pic of man carrying peacock on New York train goes viral

A guy carrying a “peacock” onto the train doesn’t really shock anyone. The people around this peacock chillin’ in the train absolutely couldn’t care less about the giant bird hovering above them. This is what NYC is all about.

New York City residents are used to seeing strange things on the subway — dogs in suitcases, impromptu graduation ceremonies, people vacuuming and eating off of subway platforms, you name it.

The photo was originally tweeted on Thursday afternoon and picked up thousands of retweets.


This is Reid Watson from Texas. He’s 26 years old.


Reid runs a bar called Weather Up in Tribeca, New York, and found himself stealing the peacock — named Francis — from Weather Up’s sister bar after some prompting from his boss. His boss wanted to mount Francis in their own bar as a sort of trophy.

Unfortunately for Reid and his boss, he was caught pretty much red-handed transporting the peacock on the NYC subway, after a photo of him doing just that went viral.

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