Flushing, NY – City Council Member Peter Koo Friday hosted a candlelight vigil with friends and family of Vincent C. Tse in remembrance of his service to the Flushing community.


Mr. Tse was a family man, a beloved community advocate, and a man of faith, who volunteered for seven years as a cook at the SelfHelp Benjamin Rosenthal Senior Center without ever taking a day off. In July 2016, Vincent Tse was involved in a minor fender bender in Flushing during which he was assaulted and killed in fit of road rage. He was 68-years-old.

20228634_10211966636794077_8174838172369588501_nToday, community members came together one year after his death to remember the man who gave so much to his community with a candlelight vigil and prayer service from Tse’s pastor at Boon Church in Flushing.


Council Member Peter Koo stated, “To this day, the absence of Vincent in the halls of Selfhelp Benjamin Rosenthal Senior Center is apparent to his friends who had become so accustomed to his friendship. Likewise, his family continues to mourn his loss, and we gather this evening, one year after his death, to remember the man who brought so much joy to our community through his compassion and love.”

Congresswoman Grace Meng stated, “A year after Vincent was viciously assaulted and taken from us, we continue to mourn his passing, and remember his wonderful life and the contributions and service he provided at the Rosenthal Selfhelp Senior Center. Vincent was a peaceful man who worked hard preparing and serving food, and thoroughly enjoyed serving others. He did not deserve the brutal attack that put him in a comma, and ultimately ended his life. Our hearts continue to go out to Vincent’s family and friends and they remain in our thoughts and prayers. We must continue to stand in solidarity against this type of heinous violence, and ensure that justice is served against those who commit these violent acts.”

Senator Toby Stavisky stated, “This tragic case demonstrates the dangers of road rage and how a mild inconvenience can turn into a senseless killing. However, we must remember Vincent Tse not for the way he died, but the way he lived. Mr. Tse was a long-time volunteer at the Selfhelp Senior Center who did so much for so many people. He made a point to give back to the neighborhood he so loved and taught us all of the importance of helping. I see him as a role model for us all. I offer my thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Vincent Tse who suffered such a tremendous loss.”

Assemblywoman Nily Rozic stated, “A year after his tragic passing, Vincent Chun Man Tse is greatly missed by his family and the Selfhelp community. He was a shining example of what it means to live a life of service to others while looking out for your neighbors. The Tse family will always find support in the Flushing community.”

Karlin Chan, family spokesperson, stated, “Vincent Tse was taken from his family, friends, and community a year ago but he is not forgotten. Many of the emotional scars remain. Though gone, he lives on fondly in the memories of his family, friends and the people he touched.”


Jane Qiu, Director of Selfhelp’s Benjamin Rosenthal Prince Street Innovative Senior Center, stated, “Vincent was a peaceful man who enjoyed serving others. A year later, his presence at the senior center and throughout our community is still sorely missed, and our members continue to mourn his loss. Through our center’s volunteer efforts, we honor Vincent’s memory and life. I’d like to thank Council Member Peter Koo and our local elected officials for their continued support and for marking this day with us.”

Source: Council member Peter Koo’s office.

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